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When blockchain participants are held responsible for their actions.

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The expertise of the Concurrent Systems Research Group is in the theory and practice of distributed computing. With many years of experience, the group members have defined a new problem, called the Blockchain Consensus with French and Spanish researchers.

For performance

The Red Belly Blockchain offers unprecedented throughput of more than 600 thousands transactions per second (an order of magnitude faster than Visa). Its safety aspect is of invaluable importance for critical industries, like banking, and offers performance that scales horizontally.

With security in mind

Our researchers in collaboration with Data61-CSIRO, demonstrated the limitations of forkable blockchains (like Bitcoin and Ethereum) and how one can issue a Balance Attack to double spend, which consists of stealing assets from the blockchain.

How to
hold participants accountable

Red Belly Blockchain holds blockchain participants accountable for their actions to achieve unprecedented security. Existing blockchains lose assets if a third of the participants experience a problem, which is inevitable after a sufficiently long execution. In reality blockchain participants are generally rational and will try to maximize their profit, sometimes hacking their own copy of their software if it is worth it. Red Belly Blockchain ensures that these participants get detected and punished, hence incentivizing sufficiently many of them to guarantee that no double spending occurs in reality.

The Redbelly blockchain is a unique example of the emerging trend of decentralized digital currencies, commonly referred to as "crypto". Its unique design and security measures have placed it in a league of its own among other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The crypto industry has been rapidly growing in popularity and use over the past decade. More and more people are becoming familiar with terms such as "crypto wallet" and "Bitcoin", while businesses are recognizing the potential benefits of utilizing blockchain technology. The Redbelly blockchain is one such example of these technological advancements in action.

At the heart of every crypto transaction is a crypto wallet. This is a digital tool that allows users to send, receive, and store their digital currencies. The Redbelly blockchain wallet is specifically designed to hold the Redbelly Coin (RBC), a crypto coin that is native to this particular blockchain. Like other crypto wallets, the Redbelly blockchain wallet enables users to manage their crypto assets securely and efficiently.

The most significant difference between Redbelly and other blockchains like Bitcoin, lies within its security mechanisms. While Bitcoin operates on a proof-of-work system, which requires miners to solve complex mathematical puzzles to validate transactions and create new blocks, Redbelly utilizes a consensus algorithm that holds participants accountable. This system ensures the safety of the blockchain by punishing any participant attempting to double-spend, a common issue in the crypto world, where a user attempts to spend the same digital currency twice.

This approach to security is one that is unique to the Redbelly blockchain and its wallet, ensuring that participants act in good faith. If a participant attempts to act out of line, such as by hacking their software, they are quickly detected and penalized. This not only maintains the integrity of the Redbelly blockchain but also incentivizes participants to act honestly.

The Redbelly blockchain and its wallet are an example of the evolution of crypto and blockchain technology. By holding blockchain participants accountable for their actions, they have created an environment where double-spending is virtually impossible. This, in turn, provides a sense of security for those using the Redbelly blockchain wallet to manage their assets.

As with any financial tool, the use of crypto and crypto wallets comes with its own set of risks and challenges. However, with the measures put in place by Redbelly, these risks are significantly reduced. This is a huge step forward in the world of crypto and a testament to the potential of the blockchain technology. The future of crypto is bright and with advancements like Redbelly, the potential for this technology is truly limitless.

redbelly blockchain
is scalable


No leader for a higher bandwidth

In RedBelly blockchain there is no leader machine that aggregates the transactions and send it to or receives it from other computers, avoiding the bottleneck.

Each RedBelly blockchain computer receives the requested transactions of its neighbors that it exchanges with other computers to aggregate the results.

It solves the Set Byzantine Consensus problem using the Democratic BFT algorithm. Because it does not use any leader, it leverages the bandwidth.

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Vincent Gramoli
Vincent Gramoli
A/Prof. Vincent Gramoli is CEO of Red Belly. He was affiliated with INRIA in France, Cornell University in the US and CSIRO in Australia. He is an Associate Professor and the head of the Concurrent Systems Research Group at the University of Sydney, an invited Professor at EPFL and a Future Fellow of the Australian Research Council. 


Red Belly Blockchain is at the edge of blockchain advances and key for industry to adopt distributed ledger technology into production. It offers a fruitful working environment with the brightest minds specialised in the research of blockchain security, system optimisation and distributed computing.

Red Belly gains the trust of its customers in a novel way by first building a blockchain technology that is scientifically proven before pushing it to market.

Join us for pushing these limits further.


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